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"In a business world where sustainability is gaining momentum every day in various industries, more and more university students are looking for internship opportunities to learn practical skills and knowledge in a socially responsible context.

My sincere thanks for Citi and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in organizing the Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program 2013, providing a valuable platform for our students to connect to the community not only for gaining experience, but also for sensitizing themselves to the broader needs of society that go beyond the profit-making motive."

Prof. Allan Chan, Acting Dean
Hong Kong Baptist University, School of Business

"The CUHK Business School is committed to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through various channels such as seminars, case competitions and exchange scholarships.  The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program serves as an excellent platform to enhance the CSR experience of our future business leaders as well as to provide them with opportunities to serve our society."

Prof. T.J. Wong, Dean
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Business Administration

"CityU’s College of Business places great emphasis on whole-person development and makes social responsibility a core element of the curriculum. I am delighted to see the Citi Community Intern Program cultivates students’ awareness of corporate social responsibility and trains students to make decisions that serve not only themselves, but also the interests of sustaining our planet. I give my wholehearted thanks to the organizing committee, Citi Bank and partner institutions for their dedication and commitment. I believe this program will nature the next generation of business leaders for a sustainable future."

Prof. Julie Li, Associate Dean (Undergraduate)
City University of Hong Kong, College of Business

"Non-profit organizations contribute very much to Hong Kong society but like business and other organizations they need personnel who are skilled in management and other business studies to help them apply their resources wisely. HKCSS plays a very important role then in supporting non-profit organizations and developing the people who will make them effective. Best of luck to HKCSS and its student interns."

Prof. William Tjosvold, Academic Dean
Lingnan University, Faculty of Business

"The Open University of Hong Kong is very pleased to be affiliated with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and participate in their Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program. Needless to say, internship programs play an important role in our curriculums either formally or informally. The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program is particularly good to our students as it combines well with our corporate internship programs and provides different exposures and experiences which have received growing recognition as essential and important in helping to shape the concepts of business ethics and social responsibility for our students."

Prof. Y. K. Ip, Dean
The Open University of Hong Kong, Lee Shau Kee School of Business & Administration

"We are honoured to be a participant of the Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program, a collaboration between the business, welfare and education sectors. Through this program, our students deepen their understanding of the community, broaden their knowledge and skills, and develop a sense of social responsibility. I would like to wish you all continued success and greater accomplishments in the years to come."

Prof. Edwin Cheng, Dean    
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Faculty of Business

"Business, labor and civil society organizations have skills and resources that are vital in helping to build a more robust global community,” former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stressed. Indeed with community service, we would have a better quality of life for the recipients as well as the persons who serve. The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program provides a valuable opportunity for business students to take part in developing and deploying their trainings through community service while serving their internships in NGO’s. It is a great pleasure to see that the student participants, who will be our future business professionals and leaders, dedicated their hearts and efforts in their internships and made the Program a complete success."

Prof. David W. K. Yeung, Head
Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Department of Business Administration

"Stepping into its fourth year, the Program has been providing an interactive platform for business students to contribute to the community and the non-profit sector. We stress the development of ethical leadership and social responsibility in our students. The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program reinforces our objectives to nurture young talents who are not merely successful but also with social vision. I trust that this enrichinginternship experience will further enhance the learning experience and broaden the horizon of our students."

Prof. Eric C. Chang, Dean
The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Business and Economics

"We would like to thank Citi, Hong Kong Council of Social Service and all participating NGOs for providing such a valuable learning experience to university students. The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program (CIP) has deepened students' understanding in Corporate Social Responsibility and provided them with first-hand experience in the daily operation of NGOs through internship. We hope that students could learn how to serve the community through joining this meaningful program."

Prof. Kalok Chan, Acting Dean
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Business School


The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program 2014 is now commenced! The Program is sponsored and organized by Citi and co-organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The Program aims at inspiring Hong Kong university students majoring in business studies to contribute their knowledge and expertise to non-profit organizations through internship. And the ultimate goal is to cultivate their concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and to provide these future business leaders with a broadened understanding of the community.


Interns are required to attend the 20-hour pre-internship induction program that with a better understanding of social service development in Hong Kong, the problems of disparity between the rich and the poor, aging problems, the situation of environmental protection and social enterprise in Hong Kong. Each intern will be granted an allowance of HK$6,000 after the completion of 160-hour internship and submission of report. 


Project Goals

  • 1.To broaden the understanding of Hong Kong university students majoring in Business Studies towards the community;
  • 2.To provide an opportunity for students to contribute their business knowledge from classroom learning to non-profit organizations to help these organizations achieve their goals;
  • 3.To build networks between future business elites and non-profit organizations and to provide students with insights into careers in the non-profit sector.


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